DDoS Attacks Hit Multiple Ubisoft Games

Ubisoft, a French Video game publisher has come under a number of unprecedented Distributed denial of service (also known as DDoS) attacks. This has resulted in a number of gaming servers of Ubisoft such as For Honour, Ghost Recon Wildland, as well as Far Cry 5, having issues as regards connectivity.

The reported DDoS attacks started Tuesday the 17th day of July when the outage was confirmed by Ubisoft using its customer support handle. The statement issued helped to confirm the outage and the company has gone on to say that it is taking measures to ensure that the attacks are mitigated.

A tweet by Ubisoft made it quite clear that the company is having the situation closely watched. This is particularly so for the attacks by DDoS as it affects the services offered by Ubisoft which makes it quite difficult for gamers to get connected to the games. The report also made it known that the attacks appear targeted against the latency of the games as well as gaming connectivity.  The tweet by the company went on to state that the company is doing all things possible to ensure that the effects of the attacks are mitigated.

One player of Ubisoft wondered if any risk was posed by the DDoS attacks to their data. There is also the question of if there is any need to have their passwords changed. Responding to this, Ubisoft indicated that there was no pointer to the possibility of the fact that the information would be at any form of risk.

During the course of the DDoS attacks, overwhelming traffic is sent by the attacker making use of a number of sources. This is sent to the targeted servers which eventually makes it go offline. Normally, such DDoS attacks do not portend any form of danger to the information of the user except in the event that the attackers have already taken advantage of some weakness with a view towards accessing the server administrative panel.

A screenshot was also shared by a different user of an error message which was on their device that indicated For Honor servers were not within reach at that time and that they should try again at a different time.

It is however not yet clear as at press time who exactly is responsible for the attacks or what it is they seek to achieve by same. However, this is certainly not the only time a giant in the gaming industry would be suffering such magnitude of DDoS attacks. The previous week, cyber-attacks also hit Blizzard games which lead to a service outage for powerhouse Overwatch. This also affected the world of Warcraft as well as Heroes of the storm players.

There has however been no tweet from Ubisoft denying or confirming if the outage of service has been rectified. Some of the tweets of the company to its users, however, indicates that there has been a mitigation of the DDoS attacks.