FBI Investigates Over 1000 Cases of Chinese Intellectual Property Theft

The United States is looking into the recent activities of China on the theft of their intellectual property. The FBI is vested with the responsibility of investigating more than 1000 of such cases. Members of the United States Government recently held a meeting to that effect, as they deliberated on details of the investigation.

For several hours, top echelons of the DOJ and SEC gave insights on the increase in the number of Chinese theft of the country’s intellectual property (IP), which has occurred in recent years.

Officials pointed out that
the reason for the meeting was to inform the US academic and research community
as well as the private sector on the investigative activities of the FBI. It’s
also to make them aware of the threat they are facing from IP theft from China.

According to the assistant Attorney-General on National
Security, John Demers, the Chinese intellectual threat is a real
one that
is going to continue if something is not done about it. He further pointed out
that the plan is an orchestrated one which has been carefully thought and
executed by China.

Demers said that the attack, as it stands, is one of the biggest threats to US intellectual property and the general vitality of the economy.  He also said the US security agencies are passing strong information to intellectual property owners to guide their assets generously. At the moment, the US government is working on modalities to stop further theft of US intellectual property by China.

Demers said there have been piles of theft cases since 2018 since the China Initiative campaign was launched by the DOJ in 2018. The campaign was launched to investigate the economical espionage of Beijing.

He also said that there are currently more than 1000 cases of
technology-based identity theft the FBI would look into. He said the cases
spanned all the commission’s 56 field offices, which affects almost all sectors
and industries.

Assistance Director of the
counterintelligence unit of FBI, John Brown, revealed that the FBI has already
arrested 19 suspects who are linked to different cases of identity theft. He
said the arrests were made just this year, which is already compared to 25
arrests made throughout last year.

He said the Chinese government has always shown that it’s ready
to steal its way towards economic sustainability at the expense of the United
States. So many prominent names in DOJ and FBI attended the conference to
stress the importance of the investigation.

In a speech during the conference, Attorney General William
Barr advised other US allies to increase their investments in Ericsson and
Nokia to counter the growing presence of Huawei in the 5G market.

Other top representatives of the two outfits spoke on the
importance of locking the U.S intellectual property against Chinese who are
looking to reap and siphon knowledge and technological know-how from the US.
They further alerted universities and US companies of the necessity to protect
their IP against those looking to take full advantage.

The US officials pointed out that the recent theft is
founded on the derivatives of the Chinese government. They said the Chinese
government is working on an established plan with specific target areas.
According to the officials, the government is concentrating on certain areas
that would make its economy self-sufficient.

They are not only interested in defense-sector firms, but
other companies producing everything from proprietary corn seeds and rice to
top medical devices and software for wind turbines.