Fraudsters Unleashed Several Fake Sneaker Websites To Steal Credit Cards

the previous week before now, massive information was trickling and spreading
on the internet. Some of the information provided online came from trusted
brands and stores that people may know. However, certain information also
emerged from fraudsters looking to take advantage of other people to make

shopping websites are regularly appearing online, promising offers that look
good to be accepted by anyone. People that fall into this trap of performing any
transaction will later discover they’ve made a mistake. The items offered by
these fraudsters do not often suit the order that an innocent online user may
request, whether anything even arrives.

researchers from Malwarebytes have been hard working and found a campaign that
fraudsters use to lure novice shoppers. Most of these websites contain
sophisticated programs that capture credit card details during a payment

The research performed by Malwarebytes professionals is basically on fake sneaker online stores. Besides the fake information of websites tracked by Malwarebytes, most of them display a common feature such as using the PHP programming language and operating on the old edition of Magento.

It is the belief of experts working in Malwarebytes that well-designed hacking materials were used to discover weakness installations that later inserted a code that reads a credit card easily. There is no actual number of programs that operate in this manner, but Malwarebytes expert researchers discovered that such card-skimming code operates on a plethora of fake sneaker websites.

is every possibility for the numbers to change between the period of publishing
this content and now. Fraudsters are always putting together new websites and
deactivating old ones to help in taking advantage of novice shoppers to make
extra money without being detected.

truth is that the ballgame of these scammers will always continue to exist as
long as the internet remains. Some of the fraudulent websites that Malwarebytes
has detected are no more in operation since the early part of this year. It
occurred when a big e-commerce website called Adidas made a complaint effort in
a Florida court around the Southern District area.

Most of these fraudulent attacks taking place on the internet concerning fake sneaker websites are directed to a scrupulous group as found in the Malwarebytes’s report. The address details and hacked payment cards of shoppers are secured on the servers of a notorious group in China.

can follow some reliable simple and easy procedures to avoid being a victim of
these online scammers. For new internet users, it is crucial to know that
anything that appears to be highly profitable may end up bad. Internet
fraudsters often provide people with a massive discount for products of high

It is a good idea to install a program that can block and detect malicious scripts. On Malwarebytes, you will find an extension program that can help in protecting several browsers. Using this approach will help you capture and block fake or counterfeit websites that steal credit card details or private information.