Hacker Offers To Track People On The Dark Web

A user on the Dark Web is currently advertising his services which the user claim can track any individual anywhere in the world. This service would allow the advertiser’s patrons to track the patterns and habits online of any target they choose.

Reports confirmed that the Russia-based hacker, who is known by his online ID Abridk, claims that he has the capability on unearthing any records on any targeted individual including travel habits, such as flights, tax records, and most notably any information stored in the Interpol database. So far, the service seems mostly focused on obtaining travel information.

According to the news outlet, Daily Beast , Abridk advertised this service via a post on a Russian crime form. In this post, the hacker claimed that they can obtain any information on the movements of people who cross the Russian Federation border, and beyond.

While the service’s legitimacy and inherent invasion of privacy are questionable at best, the fact that this service even exists points to a glaring problem both in law enforcement online as well as lax attitude most large companies employ when it comes to their customer’s security. In addition, the fact that the user claims to be able to comfortably infiltrate so-called secured databases such as Interpol and Tax records is indicative of a huge problem in these organizations’ security policies. It is likely that the user either enjoys corrupt contacts within these organizations which allow him access to the private data, or the organizations’ security is simply too easy to bypass.

In addition to his confident offer of services, Abridk continued to claim that he had several happy customers who would willingly provide testimonials. One of the so-called happy customers actually proved this by singing Abridk’s praises on the forum.

In order for the hacker to render his services, he would require the targeted individual’s name and date of birth from the prospective client. Once the information has been provided, Abridk claims that he will deliver the required records within three to four days, sometimes within several minutes, depending on the nature of the information required. The hacker states that he can also obtain information on individuals even when the targeted individual is currently undergoing a criminal investigation.

The cost of services can be anything between $50 and $300 depending on the kind of information required. However, Abridk is not the only hacker advertising his tracking services. Several other hackers have claimed to be able to provide similar services at a lower cost. The competition is ostensibly why Abridk is currently offering a discount. Other hackers have claimed to have ready and extensive access to databases across countries including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Hackers have been offering similar services on the Dark Web for quite some time. During December 2016, one such service made headlines a website started collecting donations in order to commission the assassination of both the US president Donald Trump, as well as US vice-president, Mike Pence.

Another questionable website, which was recently shut down, offered certain revenge service which a user could commission on targeted individuals at the price of $700 per target.