Hackers Already Put up Hacked Disney+ Accounts for Sale

Disney+ is a streaming service launched on November 12. Barely a few hours after launch, hackers came to the party already. They have hacked thousands of accounts and put them up for sale. The streaming service is owned by Disney, a media powerhouse in the world.

Not long after the
launch of its streaming service, it began having technical difficulties after
the number of subscribers surpassed the estimated amount by the company.

And just a few days
after its launch, hackers have taken over some accounts. Users can no longer
access their accounts because hackers have locked them out and offered the
accounts for sale. Many of the users complained that hackers are having access
to their accounts. Some hackers that have succeeded quickly changed their
information and block them out of the account.

There were lots of complaints in Reddit and Twitter on this matter. From the complaints, it seemed hackers were able to gain access to the account by logging in via email and password combos. Some other hackers may have infected user accounts with info-stealing malware or via keylogging .

It seems the media
company was not prepared enough for the launch, or the huge turnout for
accounts was largely overwhelming to them. The new service received 10 million
subscribers a day after the company launched the streaming service. This large
number of users signed up despite Disney’s technical difficulties on the launch
day. The new service has become people’s favorite streaming service, with many
enjoying new series like “the Mandalorian,” “sinoff,” and “star wars.”  The large number of sign-ups on the streaming
service has appreciated the company’s stock.

Many users were
frustrated because they were not able to watch their favorite movies via the
streaming service. While many users are having this challenge with access,
others were battling another problem. Hackers were busy infesting their
accounts and locking them out of the account completely.

There have been
several instances where few users are complaining about the lack of security on
Dysney+ accounts. Many of them complained that Disney had not been able to
protect their portal properly, as hackers took hold of their account info too

There are reports that these hackers are floating online public forums to dispose of off these accounts to whoever wants to offer money. Some are even offering account information for free. Some of the accounts were even offered on these forums barely a few hours after the streaming site was launched. The most worrying aspect is the fact that these hackers were able to hack into Dysey+ system too easily, according to some Disney account holders.

Disney+ is a paid service that charges $7 monthly. But the hacked accounts are sold via various online forums at between $2 and $10, according to reports. While some hackers were able to cancel their accounts before the hacker completes his job, others were not so lucky. Some affected hacked victims bought three months plan while few others subscribed for one year

The rate at which
hackers have infiltrated the Disney+ new streaming set is astonishing. Hundreds
of thousands of accounts were hacked, as users were not able to log into their
accounts again. The accounts ended up in forums and hacking sites, where
hackers offered them for sale while some were offered free.

The hackers have flooded hacking forums , advertising these Disney+ accounts for people who are concerned. Disney has not responded or issued out an official notice on the problem. But it is still trying to resolve the technical issue. It is still unclear how Disney wants to resolve the issue, as users’ accounts were hacked almost immediately, the portal was launched. It means that there is slag in security, as complained by two victims of the hacked account.