(ISC)² Releases Set of Cybersecurity Tips for CEOs costco cc, lane bryant cc

To celebrate the 11th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), (ISC)² has released its fourth set of tips by security experts: cybersecurity tips for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). “Two-factor authentication (something you have, know, or are) has become very important for system access. Passwords alone just do not cut it anymore. This is extremely important as we see the rapid rise in financial transactions, particularly on mobile devices. Ask your bank if two-factor authentication is available and if not, get another bank that does. Credit card companies and online retailers are close behind.  They are not going to cover your losses through stolen identity and fraud much longer.  It’s your money and reputation, so do your part to protect yourself.
If you are a service provider and do not have two-factor as mandatory or as an option, you should explore how quickly you could provide it. It is becoming a business discriminator.”-W. Hord Tipton, CISSP-ISSEP, CAP, Executive Director, (ISC)2
“Make sure you have an incident response plan in place for when you get breached.  Document, disseminate, and practice that plan with stakeholders from each and every segment of your business.
Also, know the current level and business impact of risk to your company.  Have a plan to periodically report on/communicate identified risk with the executive leadership and how it will be addressed.”-Dan Waddell, CISSP, CAP, Director of Government Affairs, (ISC)2
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